Network Infrastructure Services from a Trusted,
Local Partner Who Cares

We help plan and execute successful IT projects that support your business strategy
while staying on task, on time, and on budget.

We have the team, the tools, and the processes to plan and execute successful IT projects

  • Virtual CIO - Senior IT Leadership, Strategy, and Management
  • Pre-Sales Support Staff - Get the Most Value out of Manufacturer Pricing, Incentives, and Programs
  • Senior IT Engineers and Architects - Top Specialists and Experts
  • Partnerships - Strong Manufacturer/Distributor Relationships
    and Certifications
  • Project Management Office - a Full Team to Support IT
    Projects from Plan to Completion
  • Customer Success - Customer Success - Configuration,
    Documentation, Licensing, Billing, and More

Network Infrastructure Services

Certified to handle network design, implementation, and management.

We approach network architecture from a business perspective, designing solutions that deliver the most value while achieving or exceeding performance requirements, helping our customers realize their business goals.

  • Network assessments
  • Network design and consulting
  • Network hardware installation
  • IT project management and support
  • Network monitoring, maintenance, patching, and upgrades
  • Network security


Managed IT Services

Top Specialists and Experts

Get IT Support from the Experienced Team You Can Count on

As technology gets more advanced and complex, more businesses want to outsource network infrastructure management to a trusted IT partner. InfoSystems has the people, processes, and technology to fully manage your company network. You and your IT staff should be free to work on important strategic initiatives and projects. We can take care of network monitoring, management, updates, and upgrades, providing a seamless experience for your technology users.

We have the expertise to plan, design, implement, and manage a wide range of business technology. Our mission is to provide the right network infrastructure solution for your business.

Project Management Office

A Full Team to Support IT Projects from Plan to Completion

Keep Your IT Projects Organized and on Target with Better Project Management

Our Project Management team keeps IT resources on task and IT projects on time and on budget

  • Expert documentation - we craft expert proposals, statements of work, and project documents that protect both parties
  • Clear communication - it's frustrating when you aren't "in the loop" on progress so we provide clear, consistent project updates
  • Central point of contact - information flows through a central point of contact so that nothing slips through the cracks
  • Cost control - overlooked details add up and get out of control quickly when dealing with an inexperienced team

Pre-Sales Support Staff

Get the Most Value out of Manufacturer Pricing, Incentives, and Programs

We Get the Best Available Pricing Quotes for our Customers with Exclusive Discount Programs and Incentives

Our Pre-Sales Support Staff makes sure that price quotes and proposals are accurate and delivered quickly.

  • Get exclusive pricing - we keep track of all vendor pricing programs to get more discounts and incentives for our customers
  • Get your prices quotes fast - our pre-sales support staff is committed to helping get your pricing and proposal documents turned around quickly
  • Dedicated staff working for you - we created specialized roles so that we can get more done for you in a shorter time

Virtual CIO

Senior IT Leadership, Strategy, and Management

Get More Out of Every Dollar Spent on IT

Our Virtual CIO program provides senior-level IT guidance for your business.

  • Bridge the business strategy gap between executive leadership and IT
  • Stop wasting money - set a budget and make strategic investments
  • Stop wasting time - keep your IT personnel working with clear tasks and timelines
  • Stop reacting - create a proactive technology plan and end the frustration of downtime

Senior IT Engineers and Architects

Top Specialists and Experts

Get IT Project Support from the Experienced Team You Can Count on

Our Engineering Services team provides the experience and know-how to support your IT projects

  • No hollow promises - we set realistic expectations, put agreements in writing, and follow through on commitments
  • Experience matters - our team performs a large volume of projects and has gained tons of experience as a result
  • Avoid rookie mistakes - we keep our team trained and current on specialized technologies while others "learn on the fly"
  • Get a complete engineering team - we offer more engineers across a wider range of specializations to deliver exceptional IT Project results

Partnerships and Certifications

Strong partner relationships - our Manufacturer/Distributor Partnerships give you more options and the best possible results for your IT projects


  • Certifications - our expert certifications mean we can bring more product-specific
    experts to your IT projects
  • Partnership status - our premier partnership status levels mean we get you the
    best pricing and most help
  • Exclusive access - our customers are able to attend exclusive events, training,
    and conferences to get the most out of their technology spend
  • More options - we partner with the top technology manufacturers to give you
    access to the best products on the market

Customer Success

Configuration, Documentation, Licensing, Billing, and More

Avoid frustration - our ability to deliver incredible Customer Success comes from 25+ years of perfecting our IT Project Services


  • Expert configuration - our pre-sales technical team will make sure your configurations are accurate
  • Complete documentation - we provide complete project documentation as a resource for our team and yours
  • Licensing - the complexity of manufacturer licensing can drag a project down, we make sure this never happens
  • Billing - we handle our billing with care in-house so that a great project doesn't end poorly over mishandled financials

How an IT Project Review Works


Schedule Your Session

Our friendly Client Care team will work with you
to assign a Project Review team and set up your
meeting, either in person or on a web conference.
Our Project Review team will carefully listen to
your situation and then help you vet and
verify your project plan.


Receive a Clear Proposal

After your Project Review meeting, we will go
through the configuration process and obtain
clear pricing through our manufacturer partners.
We will also provide all of the project
documentation you need to make a confident
decision. Everything we do is intended to
deliver value - no wasted time.


Celebrate with Us!

You’re now 1 step closer to IT project support
from InfoSystems Build. We promise to treat you
to a celebration you won’t forget. We love to
work for our customers, but we also love
to have fun!

We Protect Our Customers Across 3 Pillars Of Secure
IT Services

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