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We help manage your technology 24x7 so you stay connected, up-to-date, and safe.

We have the team, the tools, and the processes to manage your technology around the clock

  • Virtual CIO - Senior IT Leadership, Strategy, and Management
  • 24x7 User Management- Employee add/remove, access levels, permissions, and licensing
  • 24x7 Help Desk - Fast and Local IT Support
  • 24x7 Inventory Management - Device inventory, tracking, and management
  • 24x7 Network Monitoring - Device monitoring, alerting, patching, and protection
  • 24x7 Security Management - Antivirus, anti-malware, firewall management, logging, and alerting

InfoSystems Can Help Manage Your
IBM Power and AS400 Workloads

We've partnered with key tech providers to give companies running IBM Power Systems, formerly called AS400, an easy path forward as IBM specialists retire from the workforce.

Virtual CIO

Senior IT Leadership, Strategy, and

Get More Out of Every Dollar Spent on IT

Our Virtual CIO program provides senior-level IT guidance for your business.

  • Bridge the business strategy gap between executive leadership and IT
  • Stop wasting money - set a budget and make strategic investments
  • Stop wasting time - keep your IT personnel working with clear tasks and timelines
  • Stop reacting - create a proactive technology plan and end the frustration of downtime

24x7 Help Desk

Fast and Local IT Support

Get Quick Help to Fix Tech Issues and Keep Employees Working

Our Local 24×7 Help Desk provides IT support for your employees around the clock.

  • No waiting - fix your minor issues immediately, not during the next business day
  • No outsourced/overseas agents - get help from a local employee, support local jobs
  • No annoying phone call transfers - all levels of support handled in-house
  • No wondering if/when your issue will be fixed - professional service ticket tracking and communication

24x7 Network Monitoring

Device monitoring, alerting, patching, and protection

Monitor your technology around the clock to identify issues before they cause problems

Our 24×7 Network Monitoring helps you keep your technology up-to-date and working properly.

  • No annoying interruptions - schedule software updates and avoid the annoying interruptions and notifications
  • Keep systems healthy - prevent surprise failures from issues that could have been avoided
  • Keep systems secure - detect suspicious activity and take action before a major incident has occurred
  • Control costs - track data storage levels, network traffic, and cloud/server usage to prevent wasteful spending

24x7 User Management

Employee add/remove, access levels, permissions, and licensing

Control who can access your network and sensitive data

Our 24×7 User Management keeps you in control of what your employees can see and do with company technology.

  • Easy onboarding - get new employees working quickly with the technology and permissions needed for their job
  • Easy deactivation - remove former employees from all systems quickly to prevent unauthorized access or wasted license fees
  • Keep employees honest - restrict unauthorized sites and applications to prevent misuse of company technology
  • Eliminate the risk of "all access" users - limit data and software access to only the employees who need it

24x7 Inventory Management

Device inventory, tracking, and management

Create accountability - our 24×7 Inventory Management gives you a complete picture of your company-owned equipment and who it is assigned to.


  • Keep track of every company-owned device - track cost,age, recommended replacement date, and more
  • Create accountability - identify problem employees and prevent abuse of company-owned devices
  • Create a realistic budget - purchase on schedule, eliminate wasteful spending, and maximize warranty services
  • Set user limitations - configure centralized device management and put an end to vanity purchases

24x7 Security Management

Employee training, antivirus, anti-malware, firewall,
event logging, and alerting

Strengthen cybersecurity - our 24×7 Security Management is a complete program to transform your company from vulnerable to secure and confident


  • Train and test your team - prepare your team with custom training and simulated email phishing attacks
  • Strengthen your network defense - ensure that you have the necessary equipment to defend your network
  • Identify and respond to suspicious activity - pinpoint and solate suspicious activity before it becomes a major breach
  • Keep your defense systems optimized - add and change security rules that will protect you against new threats

How an IT Strategy Session Works


Request Your Assessment

Our friendly Client Care team will work
with you to assign a senior IT consultant
and an account manager to meet with you
and dig in to your IT strategy. We don't show
up to "sell" you something. We show up with
top-level talent to give you real
information and answers.


Receive a Clear Proposal

After an IT Strategy Session, we will create
an easy to understand proposal with clear pricing.
Everything we do is intended to deliver value -
no wasted time. We took extreme care in building
our complete InfoSystems Manage program - from
the very first meeting to the proposal, service
delivery, billing, and customer support -
with no cut corners.


Celebrate with Us!

You're now 1 step closer to IT that is
expertly managed by InfoSystems. We
promise to treat you to a celebration you
won't forget. We love to work for our
customers, but we also love to have fun!

We Protect Our Customers Across 3 Pillars Of Secure
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