Why Automation is a Requirement for Keeping Pace with Modern Business

Why Automation is a Requirement for Keeping Pace with Modern Business

In December’s Enterprise Tech Spotlight, InfoSystems’ COO, Keith Hales, speaks with Red Hat Solutions Architect, Christopher Hindman, about the capabilities and opportunities IT automation can foster. 

Automation is a hot topic in the world of digital transformation and modernization, and for good reason. Many companies are beginning to understand that automating IT processes leads to increased productivity, reduced costs and a stronger capacity to manage IT environments overall. As Chris points out, utilizing automation is no longer simply an option to consider; it is a required upgrade that allows your organization to keep up with the pace of modern business. But where should you start, and what do you need to know before you do? Chris and Keith answer these questions and give advice on how to proper an automation strategy in 2021. You’ll also learn about the many benefits Red Hat delivers through the Ansible Automation Platform

As the complexity surrounding IT infrastructure grows, Ansible lets businesses streamline tasks and gain efficiency with powerful tools that scale your business, while keeping operational productivity high. Chris also counsels a crawl, walk, run approach to automation, so you can identify priorities at a pace that makes sense for your specific business needs.

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