The Business of Enterprise IT - Ep 2 The Production-ready Cloud Pt. 2 - Why, What, and How?

When your company is ready to transition to the Cloud, one of the biggest decisions that you will make will be choosing a Cloud provider. Remember, this is the organization that you will be trusting to provide a high-quality service without interruption - a service that is critical to keeping your business operational and your employees focused on business.

What you don't want is a Cloud service that treats you like a number, that can't offer adequate guarantees that they will meet your requirements, or that has a customer support queue that leaves you on hold when you are in need of urgent assistance.

When you sign a Cloud agreement with one of the large hyper scale Cloud providers, you become a statistic. Yes, they do deliver a service, but there is nothing personal about it. With these global providers, you will never achieve the status of being a high-value customer. In order to have a real relationship - a true business partnership - you have to be able to find a trusted Cloud provider based in your region.

InfoSystems created a Cloud platform with no single point of failure throughout the entire stack, a level of resiliency usually only found in data centers of large corporations. It is nearly impossible for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to afford the costs associated with building a similar data center environment for themselves - not to mention the additional barriers that exist, such as the expertise required to manage and maintain a complex data center, and the specialized physical space required to house and protect it.

With the InfoSystems Production-ready Cloud, SMB customers are able to access enterprise-grade equipment fully supported by premier manufacturers, housed in a certified Tier 3 data center, and managed and maintained by our data center specialists who have hands-on experience with our largest Fortune 50 customers.

It's a concept that's as simple as buying deliverable outcomes, rather than all the boxes and SKUs required for your own DIY project. Business owners in Tennessee and the surrounding regions need to know that they can now develop a strong relationship with a local partner who can give them a guaranteed outcome.

Continuing the discussion from the last episode of The Business of Enterprise IT, a podcast from InfoSystems, Josh Davis, marketing director, and Scott Davis, vice president, talk about the concepts behind their new Cloud offering in this latest episode.

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