IT Coach for Business Leaders - Ep 3 Solving the Top 3 Small Business IT Challenges, part I

What are the top 3 IT challenges small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are currently facing?

To answer this question, Virtual CIO, Aaron Swann, decided to dedicate the next three episodes of the "IT Coach for Business Leaders" podcast to discussing those challenges.

Currently, businesses of all sizes - but especially SMBs - are facing technology-related skills gaps. Due to staff size or budget constraints, many SMBs will face the issue of not having a specialized IT expert in their company with skills needed for a specific project or decision. Often times the designated IT person has a completely different role in the company, and cannot focus exclusively on IT.

For instance, the office manager might know a thing or two about computers,  and once upon a time when they managed to troubleshoot and fix an issue, they become the go-to person for anything computer related. In other cases, a third party IT provider may have set up the office equipment without any ongoing consulting agreement, and no employees are able to decide what equipment should be updated or what software applications could be integrated to streamline business processes.

The skills gap that's now occurring isn't just a lack of talent, but also a lack of specialization. This happens in the case of SMBs that do have IT staff, but IT employees are most likely generalists, without any deep expertise with recent advancements in IT. For example, members of the IT staff might have basic certifications in Microsoft's Windows Server operating system, but when it comes to server virtualization and hybrid Cloud deployments (almost a "must have" in business today), they lack the necessary skills.

Technology is like an onion - to use a famous saying - it has layers upon layers. IT deployments now require lots of specialized skills (translate - many different IT specialists) coming together to create the best possible environment, rather than a single IT employee who can do it all.

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