Business & Technology in Tennessee - Ep 3 Sammy Lowdermilk, The Enterprise Center

Where are the future workers of the IT industry going to come from and what will they look like? There is a growing perception that the IT industry needs to increase in diversity and to really achieve this, there must be community initiatives to ensure that kids of all backgrounds have access to technology.

With an increasing skills shortage in the IT industry, it's time to get kids interested in IT at a young age. The question is how do you get them engaged in thinking about IT as a potential career and remove the obstacles that are preventing them from accessing the resources and education they need?

The problem is that many families and students don't have access to technology, connectivity, and supportive environments. These are potential future employees in the IT industry, they just need to be given the chance to develop an interest and build skills.

Many people take very basic things, like high speed internet at home and supportive parents, for granted, increasing the potential that children in our community who don't have the same opportunities will be left behind.

There are some very promising community initiatives happening in Chattanooga. Local companies are partnering with a nonprofit organization, The Enterprise Center, through their Tech Goes Home Chattanooga program, to ensure that kids from disadvantaged backgrounds have access to education, devices, and connectivity.

Local business leaders and professionals can learn how to present basic technology skills, becoming a certified instructor with only a small time commitment required, and then begin teaching these skills to both children and adults. One of the purposes of the program is to encourage kids to tinker with technology, fostering their interest in IT and opening the potential that they can become the skilled professionals of tomorrow.

Once all the obstacles are removed, there is nothing but potential for these kids to develop the abilities needed to fill technology-related skills gaps and position themselves for high income careers.

InfoSystems Marketing Director, Josh Davis, recently recorded a new episode of the podcast, "Business and Technology in Tennessee" with guest Sammy Lowdermilk, Program Director of Tech Goes Home Chattanooga at The Enterprise Center. They talked about the lack of diversity in the tech industry and how greater diversity can be achieved through programs like Tech Goes Home Chattanooga.

Use the links below to learn more about how Tech Goes Home Chattanooga harnesses the power of community partners to provide technology services to families in financially challenged neighborhoods.

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