ITC S2, E1 - Clarifying the Different Types of Managed IT Services

ITC S2, E1 - Clarifying the Different Types of Managed IT Services

We're very excited to officially launch Season 2 of the IT Coach for Small Business Leaders podcast!

A couple of changes to note:

First, we added the word "Small" to the title.

The reason for this is to clearly segment this podcast, which is intended to appeal to business leaders at companies that either have limited or zero dedicated IT personnel. Large companies with hundreds or thousands of employees typically have complex technology needs that require a team of dedicated IT employees. We have a separate podcast for IT leaders at large companies - "Enterprise Tech Spotlight."

Second, we updated our tagline. Here it is:

Welcome to "IT Coach for Small Business Leaders," a podcast by InfoSystems, where we believe strong business leaders don't avoid technology conversations, they get educated and get involved.

Strong business leaders today aren't running away from technology conversations, they are engaged and want to take charge in their company. The problem is, there just aren't a lot of good resources out there on a local level for them to learn about IT topics. That's why here at InfoSystems we started the podcast IT Coach for Small Business Leaders. We've brought in one of our Virtual CIOs, an executive-level IT consultant, to record episodes with very practical advice on how to help small business leaders make great decisions to empower your companies. So if you're interested in learning more about IT, tune in to our podcast, IT Coach for Small Business Leaders.

Third, we upgraded our podcast quality.

We received a lot of great feedback on our podcasting initiative, so we invested in some higher quality recording equipment and created a dedicated space in our Chattanooga headquarters to record each episode. You should see an immediate difference in quality, with even more improvements on the way soon.

Now, to the new episode - Season 2, Episode 1

In this episode we dive deeper into the topic of "Managed IT Services." With so many IT service providers offering "managed services," it's important for business leaders to understand exactly what this term means. The truth is, it can mean very different things depending on which IT company you are dealing with.

We break down Managed IT Services into plain English and relate it to common concepts such as "consumer-grade" vs. "professional-grade," and "do-it-yourself (DIY)," "done-with-me," and "done-for-me." Listen to the full episode to hear Aaron Swann's advice on how to determine what level of Managed IT Services is the best fit for your company.