Business & Technology in Tennessee – Ep 5 Talking rapid recovery with Andrew Gray from Zerto

When IT systems go down, data loss can be a very costly misfortune. With all the news related to large-scale hacks in 2017, many businesses are taking steps to ensure that sensitive data is protected from malicious attacks and intrusions. Business leaders must also recognize the need for disaster recovery software to keep any data loss at an absolute minimum for every type of system outage.

It comes down to brand protection. If an online retailer lost orders during a holiday sale due to a power outage, the impact to the company would extend far beyond the dollar amount of those orders.

This type of data loss would not just be felt with the loss of revenue. It could also deliver a major blow to your reputation and future earnings. You would likely lose customers to competitors simply because you did not deliver - even though it was through no fault of your own.

Zerto is a rapid recovery tool used for restoring virtual servers with minimal (or zero) data loss. It is designed for virtualized environments and gives customers the ability to avoid data loss and minimize downtime. This type of technology is usually deployed for business critical applications and data storage systems, the ones that they just cannot operate without. The core principles of Zerto are to remain an open platform for compatibility with multiple systems, and to provide customers with the flexibility to achieve the level of recovery objectives they need.

In Episode 5 of the InfoSystems podcast series, "Business & Technology in Tennessee," Josh Davis, marketing director at InfoSystems, covers the topics of data loss and brand protection with Andrew Gray of Zerto.

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