The Business of Enterprise IT with Scott Davis - Ep 3 "The Production-ready Cloud Pt. 1 - Moving to the Cloud"

Moving some or most of your operation to the Cloud is a big decision. There are many factors that need to be considered and your choice of a Cloud Services Provider can have a major impact on your success. It could be the difference between a seamless move coupled with a positive ongoing relationship between your company and a trusted advisor, or a difficult move with ongoing frustration and potentially harmful downtime.

Before choosing your Cloud Services Provider, find out what resources they have to help you implement your Cloud strategy. The hyper scale providers tend to assume you have adequate internal resources for a DIY approach. They provision your environment, as requested, and then leave it completely on you to move your workloads into it.

If you decide to entrust your Cloud decision to a provider that is committed to a partnership rather than a simple business transaction, they will be there for preparation, guidance, and support for your Cloud migration. This is especially useful to small organizations who don't have large IT departments with specialized personnel to fall back on.

Your infrastructure will need a gap analysis completed to assess what is immediately compatible with the Cloud and what systems will require some attention. A remediation plan will need to be put into place to address the parts of your network that are targeted for a move to the Cloud, but are not immediately compatible.

Transitioning a business to the Cloud will be more successful if you plan it as a phased project. There are so many variables that have to be considered, a detailed assessment and project plan are essential to avoiding critical mistakes. Businesses will struggle when they have an ad hoc approach to the move.

In episode 3 of The Business of Enterprise IT podcast series, InfoSystems Marketing Director Josh Davis and Vice President Scott Davis compare the process of moving to the Cloud as a DIY public Cloud initiative versus and guided migration with a regional Cloud partner. They discuss the benefits of a consultative, partnered approach to Cloud migrations and the advantages of the InfoSystems Production-ready Cloud environment.

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