ITC S2, E8 - Wait a Minute...Why Am I the Office IT Person?

ITC S2, E8 - Wait a Minute...Why Am I the Office IT Person?

Aaron Swann - Virtual CIO, InfoSystems

Josh Davis - VP of Marketing, InfoSystems

In this episode, Aaron and Josh discuss the "De Facto IT Person." AKA the office manager or employee who has proved capable to fix small technical issues, so is given all IT duties. You may not realize how common this scenario is within companies of all sizes.

Assigning IT projects to someone that isn't skilled in IT only takes away from their productivity. It's frustrating when you're asked to do something you aren't experienced in or familiar with. Especially when there are high expectations involved. Nobody would call a plumber to fix a roof, so why ask an employee with no real IT experience to perform IT duties?

There are a number of solutions that can take the weight off the shoulders of this De Facto IT Person.

Listen to the full episode to learn about the solutions available to assist you with the IT work your business may not have the expertise to do. Get help with your IT systems so your De Facto IT Person can get back to the projects their skills are aligned with.

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