ITC S2, E7 - What Small Businesses Are Missing When They Don't Have a CIO

ITC S2, E7 - What Small Businesses Are Missing When They Don't Have a CIO

Aaron Swann - Virtual CIO, InfoSystems

Josh Davis - VP of Marketing, InfoSystems

In this episode, Aaron and Josh discuss how a Virtual CIO (vCIO) can benefit businesses that don't have C-level or senior IT leadership. A CIO (Chief Information Officer) is responsible for all of the internal technology that runs a business. The most important role a CIO plays in an organization is to take the vision, goals, and strategies established by the executive team and build out the technology systems that need to be in place to support them.

vCIOs are C-level consultants hired to assist small-to-medium sized businesses that may not have access to a full-time CIO.

A vCIO generally specializes in:
- Helping you choose the right IT solutions;
- Delivering executive guidance to your IT department;
- Aligning your technology with your business needs;
- Aligning your IT practices and systems with best practices or standards;
- Organizing networks and company-owned equipment; and
- Providing management and accountability to IT personnel.

The skillset of a vCIO can help bring your company from a reactive state of decision making to a proactive one. A vCIO can save you time, money, and help you retain your IT talent by creating a strong culture and positive environment. A tenured vCIO will have overseen a large number of projects, experienced many unique scenarios, and worked with many specialized IT professionals. This means they will have more diverse perspectives and experiences than IT professionals who have been long-term employees at a single company.

Listen to the full episode to learn what a vCIO really does and how you can determine if your business could benefit from the vCIO's unique skillset.

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