ITC S2, E4 - What Is Help Desk and How Can It Help Me?

ITC S2, E4 - What Is Help Desk and How Can It Help Me?

Aaron Swann - Virtual CIO, InfoSystems

Josh Davis - VP of Marketing, InfoSystems

In this episode, Aaron and Josh discuss how to determine what type of IT services provider you may need, how to choose the right type of provider, and the questions you should ask before hiring them. There are many options available to help you solve IT issues that arise. Finding the right provider is a must. As your company grows and changes are made, you will need an IT company to help you through those changes and get your issues resolved quickly.

Aaron and Josh explain the three levels of IT support (usually called "Help Desk") and how each can help you with technology needs that may arise in your company.

- Level 1: Help with simple everyday problems.

- i.e. The person you call when your laptop is stuck in boot up mode or you forgot a password and can't get into your account

- Level 2: Help with a more complex technological problem that needs troubleshooting.

- i.e. The person you call to help set up a new Router or install a Firewall

- Level 3: Help with a technological problem that is advanced. These situations may require subject matter experts.

- i.e. The person you call to strengthen your cybersecurity defense or set up a SAN (Storage Area Network)


Listen to the full episode for advice that will help you begin making the right IT decisions.

You can also download our new eBook about how to choose the right IT provider, "4 Questions to Qualify an IT Company"