ITC S2, E3 - Why Firewalls Are a Must-have for Small Businesses

ITC S2, E3 - Why Firewalls Are a Must-have for Small Businesses

Aaron Swann - Virtual CIO, InfoSystems

Josh Davis - VP of Marketing, InfoSystems

On this episode of "IT Coach for Small Business Leaders", Virtual CIO, Aaron Swann, discusses firewalls and how a managed service provider can help manage your firewall.

When it comes to firewalls, there is much to take into account. From policies to content filtering to life cycles. It can get overwhelming. If you want to make sense of it all, this episode is perfect for you. Aaron and Josh discuss the little things, then offer an easy solution for those times you need to reach out for the big things.

What is a Firewall?

In construction, a firewall is a solid wall designed to prohibit a fire from spreading. Essentially, to prevent damage. An IT firewall does the same thing. It sits on the perimeter between the internet and your local network, keeping out the bad people or bad software that try to get in.

Here's the thing; these walls have to allow certain components through. Think people, cables, and wires. In buildings, firewalls are required to have passageways for these people, cables, and wires to pass through. IT firewalls are constructed under the same context. To allow certain components to pass through. Except this time, it's malware, cyber criminals, and cyber attacks.

Firewall Need-To-Knows


How much do you want to pass through your firewall? Firewall policies can be customized for each business. Customization depends on business size, business growth, outside threats, and business needs.

Content Filtering

Do you control the websites your users can go to? A firewall allows you to do that. Do you want that employee with a movie addiction to have access to YouTube? Probably not. Blocking YouTube is content filtering through a firewall.

Content filtering can also include filtering where your content comes from. For example, if you don't want to allow any documents or information coming in from Russia, you can block this. If by chance you have a business deal between a company in Russia, don't fret. With a firewall, an approved decision maker at your business can give the firewall an "okay" for specific documents or people.

Life Cycle

Reasons you may need to upgrade or replace your firewall:

    1. Age - Think 3 to 5 years
    2. Internet Speeds - If you upgrade your internet package, be prepared to get a new firewall


How To Get a Firewall

Call a professional. InfoSystems engineers are available and more than willing to assist in your firewall needs.

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