ITC S2, E2 - How Your Business Can Benefit from Managed Backups

ITC S2, E2 - How Your Business Can Benefit from Managed Backups

Aaron Swann - Virtual CIO, InfoSystems

Josh Davis - VP of Marketing, InfoSystems

On this episode of "IT Coach for Small Business Leaders", Virtual CIO, Aaron Swann, discusses managed backups and how to determine your business' backup needs.

With numerous offerings out there, anyone can back up a home computer system to the cloud for a monthly fee. While this is a solid solution for keeping information safe at home, it isn't a solid solution for keeping a business' data safe.

Create the Right Backup Strategy for Your Company

In order to determine professional grade (business) backup needs, three questions need to be considered:

    1. What are my recovery objectives - how fast can I be back up and how much data can I afford to lose?
    2. What technology will best achieve those objectives and what is the cost?
    3. How will my backups be tested, maintained, monitored, and reported?


A backup and Disaster Recovery plan is the IT world's version of a fire drill to make sure your business data can be saved. You need your plan to be in place and tested before disaster strikes, not after. To supplement these drills, businesses have the option to work with IT engineers to run Disaster Recovery simulations and scenarios to determine the best course of action.

DIY Backups vs. Professionally Managed Backups

If you're starting a business and don't have cash to spend on professional help, it's okay to consider and implement "DIY" backups. But as your business grows you may need professional help - a managed backup service. Professional grade services helps steer businesses through the entire decision making process to get the right managed backup service for your business.

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