IT Coach for Business Leaders - Ep 1 How to Effectively Create a Cloud Strategy Part I

SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and hybrid Cloud. These are just a few of the common buzz words related to Cloud technology that can easily be misunderstood. Cloud technology has opened the door for businesses to take advantage of convenient data storage, software, and network capabilities. However, in the excitement of deploying new Cloud solutions, companies quite often make crucial missteps when moving to the Cloud.

First, companies must consider the true business need driving a technology decision and then determine if a Cloud solution will fit within their business. InfoSystems offers a comprehensive Cloud readiness assessment, for example, that helps companies narrow down their focus and see if the Cloud is or is not the best option for achieving the desired business outcome.

To give further insight into the factors that can impact Cloud evaluations, InfoSystems Marketing Director Josh Davis and Virtual CIO Aaron Swann covered the topic in the IT Coach for Business Leaders podcast. In the episode, Aaron covered Cloud basics and common pitfalls that can happen when business leaders make buying decisions based on marketing and sales presentations.

Watch the full episode for some great perspective on why deploying Cloud solutions can be much more complex than what many are led to believe.

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