IT Coach for Business Leaders - Ep 2 How to Effectively Create a Cloud Strategy Part II

Creating an effective Cloud strategy is similar to navigating a roadmap - without an actual destination in mind, it's easy to end up wandering around with no end in sight. On the other hand, with a clear destination, it's much easier to evaluate the potential routes to get you where you want to go.

When creating a Cloud roadmap, it is important to think of the business first. Many of the decisions will come back to factors such as the financial considerations, the impact a change will have on end users, whether the service provider is trustworthy and responsive, and what other internal systems and processes may be impacted. It is important to wade deeply into these waters and not just trust first appearances at the surface level.

It is important to understand that not all Cloud solutions are created equally. There are major differentiating factors. It is also important to remember that both Cloud based applications and infrastructure can become very complex in some deployments. Knowing that a company's IT personnel can't just drop their day-to-day workloads to research, evaluate, and test various Cloud solutions, it makes sense to have a trusted IT partner to help with one or the other (managing current IT systems, or working on the special project).

Be sure the watch the latest podcast episode of IT Coach for Business Leaders with Aaron Swann to hear about many more considerations that go into creating a Cloud roadmap, such as connectivity and downtime, internet speed, cloud sprawl, and exit strategies.

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