ETS S2, E9 - IBM Is More Accessible Than You Think

ETS S2, E9 - IBM Is More Accessible Than You Think
Andrew Littleton - Account Executive, IBM
Keith Hales - COO, InfoSystems

In this episode, Keith and Andrew discuss this little-known fact: IBM is more accessible than we thought. Over the years, IBM has recognized that they've missed an opportunity to provide high end solutions to smaller businesses. So, people like Andrew are joining IBM to raise awareness and bring the same solutions enterprise level organizations are getting to small businesses at prices they can afford.

We all know who IBM is. But many don't know that IBM focuses on offering the best technology, at the best price, to everyone. Many smaller businesses automatically assume IBM is too expensive, too big of an organization to work with, or that IBM is too complicated. But IBM is none of those things. In fact, IBM is a top pick for enterprise level organizations because of their affordable prices and top-notch solutions. IBM is trusted around the world for their quality, affordability, and innovation. And IBM's solution set is a great fit for smaller businesses like yours. If you'll give them a chance to show you.

Listen to the full episode to discover what IBM is doing differently to reach organizations that have felt shut out and why IBM has the best storage technology at the best price for all.

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