ETS S2, E8 - What Will the Transition Back to "Normal" Look Like for My Company?

Robert Goodwin - Sr. Director of Engineering, InfoSystems

Keith Hales - COO, InfoSystems

In this episode, Keith and Robert discuss a "security minded" approach to the new work experience many companies are facing. As we transition from quarantine amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies are faced with questions. And after a long period of working from home, many will find themselves needing to adopt a new approach to security.

We're beginning to see a "new normal" arise as working from the office becomes more viable. And security risks will be on the rise. As employees have had the freedom to work from home, corporate security policies may have gone slack. Not to mention, numbers of employees could have used company devices on unsecure networks. Bringing these computers back to the office could mean bringing viruses, malware, and unsecure devices back to the corporate environment. Which could lead to huge negative ramifications.

Listen to the full episode to hear more about "the new normal" and what you can do to help your company, employees, and leadership adjust.

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