ETS S2, E7 - How Can I Secure My Employees' Work From Home Environment?

Keith Hales - COO, InfoSystems

Robert Goodwin - Sr. Director of Engineering, InfoSystems

In this episode, Keith and Robert discuss approaching work-from-home with security in mind. Many employees have recently been sent to work from home. This change has highlighted company security needs. Employees have taken corporate laptops home to unsecure networks and some have been using their own personal laptops to perform important tasks. With many corporate networks designed to have everybody working from the office, companies have been caught off guard.

We all know a secure work environment is necessary. But many times, a it's overlooked. With the current work-from-home situation, it's important to recognize your employees' and your own home network needs.

How To Secure Your Home Network
- Use up-to-date systems and applications
- Use encrypted passwords that follow secure protocols
- Use corporate/professional version of systems and applications
- Use up-to-date systems and applications (i.e. DON'T use unsupported platforms like Windows 7, instead use supported platforms like Windows 10)
- Ensure you have anti-virus (and ensure your device is secure)
- Password protect your meetings

Securing virtual meetings and connections is another important aspect to consider. Zoom recently made the news as people began noticing their meetings were being compromised with crude drawings and words. While this has been resolved and people have become more aware of their security, it's important to take precautions before every meeting and with every connection made.

Listen to the full episode to gain a deeper understanding of how you can secure your work from home environment and that of your employees.

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