ETS S2, E6 - What Are Containers and Why Should My IT Department Be Using Them Right Now?

Keith Hales - COO, InfoSystems

Tony Owens - Sr. Solutions Architect, Arrow Electronics

In this episode, Tony and Keith discuss Containers. Server virtualization technology has continued to evolve in recent years and Cloud technology has emerged as a legitimate option for running business applications. Virtualization and Cloud have matured rapidly because they have been driven by the need for IT departments to have flexibility in what hardware they purchase, where the hardware should reside, and how quickly and easily it can be scaled up or down.

Containers are currently the best answer to all of these needs. Containers are packaged to include all of the connections and resources they need to run in any compatible environment. Containers are designed so that applications can be moved easily - from server to server, from server to Cloud, or from Cloud to server. Containers also make the process of moving applications from development to production faster and easier.

Listen to the full episode to hear Tony Owens' expert insights on Containers and how businesses are using this technology today to make their IT operations more efficient.

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