ETS S2, E2, Part 1 - Build Your Enterprise Application Environment with IBM Power

ETS S2, E2, Part 1 - Build Your Enterprise Application Environment with IBM Power

Keith Hales - COO, InfoSystems

Robert Goodwin - Sr. Director of Engineering Services, InfoSystems

DOWNLOAD - IBM Power9 Infographic

Episode 2 of the Enterprise Tech Spotlight podcast is a 3-part series covering IBM Power Systems, one of the most powerful server platforms on the market today (thanks to the extremely powerful IBM Power9 chips). Servers are the enterprise network components that run enterprise applications such as accounting, CRM, ERP, MES, and WMS. The more powerful the server, the faster your applications will run. The IBM Power platform excels in running both legacy software applications and next-generation workloads such as data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain.

Industries such as financial services (banking, insurance, etc.), manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and eCommerce typically must process an extremely high volume of transactions. Companies in these industries can benefit greatly from building out a high-performing compute environment with IBM Power servers.

While many of the competing server platforms will try to push the narrative that applications built for IBM AS/400 and IBM i-Series are outdated, the truth is that these applications are proven, efficient, and secure, as well as fairly easy to modernize with user interface (GUI) tools.

In this episode, Keith and Robert talk through all of these areas and more. Listen to the full episode to learn about the many benefits that companies will experience when building out their enterprise IT environment with IBM Power Systems.