ETS S2, E1, Part 2 - Manage Your Storage Environment with IBM Storage

ETS S2, E1, Part 2 - Manage Your Storage Environment with IBM Storage

In part two of this podcast episode, InfoSystems' Senior Director of Engineering, Robert Goodwin and COO, Keith Hales discuss managing your storage environment with IBM Storage. This episode is perfect for businesses who need to know what to look for from managed service providers when it comes to building and managing your storage environment.

Robert and Keith discuss a few different storage concepts that executives and technology leaders should become familiar with, including virtualization (IBM Spectrum Virtualize), management (IBM Storage Insights), and backup (IBM Spectrum Protect). These concepts are crucial for non-IT business executives to understand in order to work together with the IT department to make the right technology decisions for business needs.

This conversation covers important subjects that need to be considered before a business should consider working with an IT vendor providing managed services: (1) Serviceability; (2) Input and discussion from business leaders; and (3) Communicating boundaries with the IT vendor to ensure expectations are being met on all sides. There are numerous programs available to guide you through managing your storage environment.

Make sure to continue listening as Robert and Keith explain how to protect your storage environment in Part 3.