ETS S2, E1, Part 1 - Build Your Storage Environment with IBM Storage

ETS S2, E1, Part 1 - Build Your Storage Environment with IBM Storage

In part one of this podcast episode, InfoSystems' Senior Director of Engineering, Robert Goodwin and COO, Keith Hales discuss building your storage environment with IBM Storage. This episode is perfect for executive leaders who need to be involved in technology decisions, but who need an overview of the basics of data storage systems.

Robert and Keith cover the background steps that need to be taken in order to build a storage environment. From an end-user's experience, to viability of media used, to general best practices for determining storage needs. Time-specific technology myths--regarding the Cloud, tape media, and responsibility of backup and storage--are expelled and confronted throughout the conversation.

Storage can be explained as the capturing of data and then "parking" it in a secure location that can be recalled, read, and changed over time as needed. Storage is not just hardware; nor is it static. It is where your data lives, embodies numerous software components and is fast paced.
The cost of storage has seen an extreme decline in recent years. This trend has created an explosion of data growth and an unfortunate side effect - laziness. Cheap storage means companies can keep everything. That's not necessarily a negative, except that all data usually ends up in primary storage rather than in archives. Ideally, companies should take the time to analyze, prioritize, and structure their data into "tiered" storage.

Part one of this episode is essential for helping business leaders understand available options to build a secure, efficient storage environment and positively transform the way business is conducted. Make sure to continue listening as Robert and Keith explain how to manage your storage environment in Part 2.