Ep 9 - What the New IBM FlashSystem 9100 Can Bring to Your Business with Eric Herzog, CMO, IBM Storage

Ep 9 - What the New IBM FlashSystem 9100 Can Bring to Your Business with Eric Herzog, CMO, IBM Storage

IBM has been a leader in flash storage for a long time and is continually upping its game. IBM recently announced the release of IBM FlashSystem 9100.

Flash is known for offering unparalleled performance, resiliency, and availability. Whether a business wants to support a traditional, virtual, or cloud environment, flash storage lays the right storage foundation. To succeed, you need the ideal storage for your use cases, workloads, and applications.

In a recent InfoSystems podcast, Eric Herzog, Chief Marketing Officer, IBM Storage, revealed exciting details about IBM's new FlashSystem 9100 release. In his presentation, Herzog discussed the unexpected benefits of FlashSystem 9100, including cost savings and the ability to adopt technology trends such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and multicloud.

An Inside Look at IBM Flash 9100

The IBM community is abuzz about its latest product release. IBM FlashSystem 9100 is the newest in the flash system family of storage arrays. FlashSystem 9100 is capable of unprecedented performance. With FlashSystem 9100, companies could see up to an incredible 500 times increase in performance.

FlashSystem 9100 has built-in data reduction tools for greater efficiency and cost savings. It is integrated with software-defined capabilities, making it ideal for data-driven workloads and multicloud environments.

The Right Tool for the Job

Currently, all-flash arrays make up 50% of global shipments. All-flash arrays are used for primary data workloads. They keep companies up and running and give advanced applications and critical workloads the performance they need.

In fast-paced industries, such as finance, speed is key. If the computers are slow, transactions are slow. Latency and bottlenecks could mean missing out on a chance to make a lucrative trade.

The whole family of IBM flash storage varies by price point, meaning flash storage is accessible to businesses of all sizes. Flash solutions are available that can work for mainframe, big data, cloud, and AI. A business can work with an IBM business partner to architect the right solution at an attractive price point.

Looking Beyond Performance

When business leaders think of the advantages of using flash storage, they often think of increased performance. But the advantages don't stop there.

Flash storage can bring cost savings and a greater return on investment (ROI) as well. The software in flash storage automatically moves data out to the cloud, saving companies time and money.

FlashSystem 9100 enables companies to manage and provide encryption for the stored data of other agencies associated with the business, such as suppliers. Built-in software for data reduction and AI increases efficiency and allows companies to leverage data for deeper insights.

The cost-saving impact of flash storage can be felt across the entire data center. Herzog cites the example of a SQL workload needing 100 servers. The user's organization was able to reduce its footprint to 10 servers by using flash storage. When companies switch to flash, they save on management, rack space, floor space, and operational expenses for cooling and stacking, as well as the staffing needed for management and maintenance.

Flash also makes companies more resilient and highly available by reducing points of failure. Organizations save money whether they use a co-location or an on-site data center.

Paving the Way for Multicloud

IBM FlashSystem 9100 is ideal for multicloud environments. The solution includes a whole set of multicloud-enabled software. FlashSystem 9100 can work with any cloud, whether IBM, Google, AWS, or Microsoft Azure.

As the cloud market has matured, companies have begun to use multiple cloud providers. Certain sectors, such as the financial industry, may be concerned with security, so they need to use the private cloud.

Other mid-sized and large companies may use multiple public cloud providers or a combination of public, private, and hybrid. For legal reasons, some companies may need to keep certain data in a region, necessitating a different cloud provider.

Up Close and Personal With IBM FlashSystem 9100

In the podcast, Herzog points out that interested customers can take advantage of opportunities for IBM FlashSystem 9100 demos. Demos are available through webcasts or at physical events. IBM is featuring FlashSystem 9100 at booths during several shows, including VMworld 2018, and at demo centers in Washington, D.C., and Montpellier, France.

As a Premier IBM Business Partner, InfoSystems can get you signed up for a demo, whether that involves an invitation to an event or a scheduled presentation. IBM provides amazing resources for Premier Partners like InfoSystems so we can give our customers the best.

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