Ep 9 - Creating a Backup Strategy that Works (Part 3)

Aaron Swann, vCIO, InfoSystems

Josh Davis, Director of Marketing, InfoSystems

In the current series of IT Coach for Business Leaders, we are discussing the topic of backups. This is a fundamental pillar of an effective IT Strategy, but all too often we find that businesses have not kept their backup strategy up to date with the overall changes in their IT, or even worse, they don't have a backup strategy at all.

In today's world where IT systems are paramount to business operations, the need to have data and resources backed up and able to restore in an adequate amount of time is crucial...and sometimes the difference in a company's survival. Listen to Part 3 of this series to hear about Aaron Swann's "one-size-fits-most" backup solution that works for the majority of small and mid-sized businesses.

In this discussion, Aaron points out some common misunderstandings and differences between Cloud storage, Cloud replication, and Cloud backups. While Cloud backups are a crucial part of an ideal backup strategy, a hybrid Cloud and on-premises approach helps to overcome the misunderstandings and gaps that are so common in small businesses.

A comprehensive hybrid backup strategy should include a local physical copy of data on a backup appliance, an off-site copy of data in a Cloud storage environment, and then additional backups of the Cloud data in at least one separate Cloud environment. Listen to the full podcast episode to hear Aaron explain how to achieve an ideal hybrid backup scenario and all of the potential failures that this model prevents.