Ep 7 - Marrying Legacy Software Systems with Modern Technology

Josh Davis, Marketing Director, InfoSystems and APSU

Daniel Magid, Vice President of Solution Sales, Rocket Software

In June 2018, InfoSystems, APSU, and Rocket Software joined together to host a few local IT professionals at minor league baseball games in Chattanooga and Knoxville, TN. We were able to share some valuable information about how companies running legacy software on the IBM i (AS/400) platform can take advantage of major IT modernization trends such as enhanced graphical user interfaces (GUI), mobile access, and Cloud services. We also made sure to take the time to record a couple of podcast episodes with industry veteran, Daniel Magid, who serves as Vice President of Solution Sales for Rocket Software.

In this episode, we begin the discussion with an explanation of why "green screen" software applications that run on the IBM i (AS/400) platform are often misperceived as being outdated and unable to be integrated with other modern technologies. There are many reasons why companies continue to run legacy software applications, and the truth is that in most cases modernization is more easy to achieve by protecting core business applications than by replacing them.

In this podcast, Daniel Magid explains how Rocket Software can enable companies to manage and deploy various code bases and integrated web/mobile applications while keeping everything in sync with changes to core legacy applications. Throughout the discussion, we hit on very important IT and business topics such as utilizing modern GUI to allow software end-users to be trained more quickly and become more productive. We also run through the fundamental principle of how to isolate business problems and solve them individually, which allows a company to see much faster results.

For businesses that run software and IT systems that have been in production for a long time, Rocket Software, APSU, and InfoSystems are ideal partners to help you protect your investments while modernizing, adopting emerging technology, and solving new challenges.

Listen to the entire episode to hear the full discussion.