Ep 7 - Creating a Backup Strategy that Works (Part 1)

Aaron Swann, vCIO, InfoSystems

Josh Davis, Director of Marketing, InfoSystems

Many company leaders (both IT and non-IT) get caught up and overwhelmed with planning and implementing an end-to-end IT strategy. When you add in all the factors beyond basic operations that demand well thought out and detailed solutions - backups, security, redundancy and failover, accessibility, etc. - it's easy to see why so many companies find themselves in a place where they have resigned to simply "keeping the lights on".

Of course, the demands on IT should not be understated. Keeping the lights on, or focusing on the most important needs and requests for day-to-day operations, certainly takes precedence in a world where budgets and personnel are stretched thin. But this introduces a real scenario where too many businesses are at risk of not being able to address threats and prepare to recover from a disaster.

In the next three episodes of IT Coach for Business Leaders, we are discussing the topic of backups. This is a fundamental pillar of an effective IT Strategy, but all too often we find that businesses have not kept their backup strategy up to date with the overall changes in their IT, or even worse, they don't have a backup strategy at all.

In today's world where IT systems are paramount to business operations, the need to have data and resources backed up and able to restore in an adequate amount of time is crucial...and sometimes the difference in a company's survival. Listen to Part 1 of this series to understand why backups are so important and how company leaders - especially non-IT leaders - need to be involved in building a backup strategy.