Ep 7 - Chattanooga Technology Council April 2018 CONNECT Lunch CIO Panel

Hewlett Packard Enterprise LogoCHATECH April 2018 Connect Lunch

Chattanooga Library 4th Floor



Knut Hilles, CIO, Volkswagen Chattanooga

Jeff Berger, VP Business Operations and Technology, Lee Smith

Aaron Barthle, IT Director, Morning Pointe Senior Living



Josh Davis, Marketing Director, InfoSystems


In this special episode of the podcast, Business & Technology in Tennessee, produced by InfoSystems, we recorded the live April 2018 CONNECT Lunch event organized by Chattanooga Technology Council.

InfoSystems, a Silver HPE Business Partner, was able to bring in HPE to sponsor the event, record a few additional podcast episodes, and offer a special Happy Hour at the end of the day.

The topic for the panel discussion was "your Cloud journey" and our own Marketing Director, Josh Davis, was asked to moderate the panel and to develop the questions that would allow each person to share their experience and perspective.

The companies represented by these panelists - Volkswagen Chattanooga, Lee Smith, and Morning Pointe Senior Living - provided an excellent range of industries, company sizes, and regulations and requirements for their IT systems. The discussion revealed that all three companies are very early in their journey to Cloud adoption and all three have to deal with pressure to keep systems running with little time to spare for exploring alternative Cloud solutions. Yet all three IT leaders shared a vision for a hybrid Cloud IT strategy as an ideal long-term state for their IT systems.

Volkswagen has a very interesting initiative to begin delivering their own internal Cloud services from a data center in Iceland. Lee Smith has deployed a hybrid Microsoft Office 365 system that provides Cloud-based email and data storage but allows them to control certain aspects on-site and keep all data backup up outside of Microsoft's Cloud. Morning Pointe Senior Living makes use of several Software-as-a-Service offerings that deliver flexibility and many other benefits to their employees.

Listen to the full episode to hear great perspectives from these three local IT leaders on their real-world experiences and takeaways from their Cloud journeys.