Ep 6 – Talking about Health Care Technology with Sam Johnson from VisuWell

Sam Johnson, CEO, VisuWell

Josh Davis, Marketing Director, InfoSystems


VisuWell is one of many successful technology-focused startups from Chattanooga, TN in recent years. Beginning as a behavioral health platform called WeCounsel, the growing company now known as VisuWell has relocated to Franklin, TN and expanded its focus to providing a full virtual health care platform for local medical care providers.

As technology becomes more and more embedded in the delivery of goods and services, health care practices now have a big opportunity to offer services to consumers in new ways. Virtual health care can allow medical practices to modernize and extend their services over greater distances. The VisuWell platform allows their customers to provide virtual care services under their own trusted brand to their existing patients.

As virtual health care becomes more commonplace, both medical practices and patients have a need for education on how to best make use of this new technology. VisuWell provides educational resources and training to help in this transition.

From a technology standpoint, VisuWell has made significant investments to make sure the platform is fast, reliable, and secure. The infrastructure that powers the platform is managed by a partner that specializes in delivering Cloud services. The VisuWell platform is browser-based, allowing medical practices to deploy it without investments in IT infrastructure. Instead they can utilize their current devices, or at the most, purchase new laptops and a better internet connection.

Sam Johnson sees his role at VisuWell as a great opportunity to enhance peoples' lives - both healthcare providers and patients - by focusing more of their time on providing or receiving care, and less time on travel and inconveniences.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about Sam's journey through a career in health care technology and his thoughts about how it will impact local business leaders and their employees.