Ep 6 – Solving the Top 3 Small Business IT Challenges – IT Security (Part 2)

Aaron Swann, vCIO, InfoSystems

Josh Davis, Director of Marketing, InfoSystems

We've had the pleasure of working directly with hundreds of small businesses and have also given a lot of presentations to companies and groups over the years. As IT systems have advanced and become essential to conducting business, attacks have become commonplace. Likewise, awareness of IT-related vulnerabilities and threats is at an all-time high. Something we've noticed over time is that when we have conversations with business leaders or give group presentations on the topic if IT security, we see increasing interest and engagement.

One of the key defenses against an attack is being able to recognize the threat. Engaging your employees in training on how to recognize the most likely places they will encounter an attack and what those attacks will look like is a key strategy for avoiding a breach.

As the number of attacks continue to escalate, they are also becoming more sophisticated. Some of the most common "places" your employees will encounter an attack include email, social media, public Wi-Fi networks, public computers, mobile devices, and USB drives.

Email phishing attacks, in particular, have become more sophisticated, and now include "spear phishing" attacks, which is an attack is carried out using personal information to make the email seem legitimate and trustworthy.

Password complexity and two-factor authentication (2FA) continue to be moving targets for many companies who want to tighten security without impacting user experience.

Listen to this episode of IT Coach for Business Leaders to hear more detailed discussion and great insight from Aaron Swann on how to address IT Security concerns and protect your business.