Ep 6 - IT Systems Modernization with Rocket Software

Josh Davis, Director of Marketing, InfoSystems and APSU

Daniel Magid, VP of Solution Sales, Rocket Software


In June 2018, InfoSystems, APSU, and Rocket Software joined together to host a few local IT professionals at minor league baseball games in Chattanooga and Knoxville, TN. We were able to share some valuable information about how companies running legacy software on the IBM i (AS/400) platform can take advantage of major IT modernization trends such as enhanced UI, mobile access, and Cloud services. We also made sure to take the time to record a couple of podcast episodes with industry veteran, Daniel Magid, who serves as Vice President of Solution Sales for Rocket Software.

In this episode, we kick around some thoughts on the surprisingly long history of software development and how companies can think strategically about modernizing their IT systems to solve business issues. We also discuss the difficult decisions business leaders face with trying to protect investments in existing technology while also modernizing for the future. Business decision makers are often pushed toward technologies that require major "rip and replace" projects that can be extremely risky and counterproductive.

Company leaders often underestimate how much customization has been built into the applications that are currently running their businesses. System replacements tend to be multi-year projects that can put a company well behind by the time they are finished. There is no way to tell where the market is going to be in 3-5 years, which is why software development has responded by moving to agile/flexible development.

Business leaders must realize that modernization is an ongoing process that won't stop for a huge system replacement project. Companies are best off identifying the actual needs/issues at hand and then determine how to get there without reinventing all of the core business processes and systems that don't need to be changed.

Major problems that Rocket Software helps with include solving issues related to mobile access, integration of applications, and optimizing the end-user experience. APSU provides Cloud services, backup and disaster recovery, and remote monitoring and management to help simplify IT delivery and management. Both companies have the unique ability to serve the IBM i (AS/400) user market, where one of today's biggest concerns is planning for the future of IT systems as long-time IT administrators retire.

Listen to the entire episode to hear the full discussion.

Also, check out the book "The Mythical Man-Month," by Frederick Brooks - recommended by Daniel Magid during the podcast episode.