Ep 5 - InfoSystems Announces Major Partnership with APSU - Pt. 2

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Scott Davis, Executive Vice President, InfoSystems and CEO, APSU

Josh Davis, Director of Marketing, InfoSystems and APSU

One of the biggest technical advantages of the InfoSystems Production-ready Cloud powered by APSU technology is the support for the IBM Power platform. IBM Power is classified as a mid-range system, capable of handling large workloads at high speed, with suitable performance for all but the largest enterprise applications (i.e. banks, airlines, etc., which may require IBM Mainframe systems).

The alternative to IBM Power is Intel x86, which is seen in most small business-grade equipment due to low cost/low performance options and support for open operating systems. When Cloud infrastructure exclusively supports the x86 platform, businesses who use the service are forced into lower-performance environments which can have an impact on both direct and indirect costs. Essentially, businesses could be paying more for less in this scenario.

Most regional IT companies operate server infrastructure inside their own facility or within leased space at a co-location facility and call themselves a Cloud provider. The word "Cloud" simply refers to outsourcing - hosting applications, databases, and other types of compute and storage workloads on infrastructure that is not company owned equipment. But the x86 equipment that the typical regional hosting provider uses can be a major limiting factor in the performance their customers have access to and may also lead to the false belief that the company must abandon their current IBM platforms to be compatible with the Cloud.

The InfoSystems partnership with APSU has resulted in a Cloud offering that gives the option of using either or both the higher performing IBM Power infrastructure and x86 infrastructure. We have made a larger investment across the board to provide exactly the right environment for the task and hand, with the flexibility to power heavy enterprise workloads on IBM Power equipment, or small business workloads in the most efficient way.

Companies who already use IBM Power are no longer forced to abandon the years of development and progress they have made, and to shoulder the cost, burden, and risk of switching to the x86 platform to make use of Cloud services.

If you choose to do business with a regional Cloud provider, you should have the benefit of working with a company who has developed their own pioneering technology and who brings new potential for innovation to the table with higher performing systems. Other Cloud providers are simply buying the equipment you could have purchased and renting it back to you.

Listen to the conclusion of this 2-part episode to learn more about the exciting technology and explosive growth coming from the partnership between APSU and InfoSystems.