The Business of Enterprise IT - Ep 4 "InfoSystems Announces Major Partnership with APSU - Pt. 1"

Scott Davis, Executive Vice President, InfoSystems and CEO, APSU

Josh Davis, Director of Marketing, InfoSystems and APSU

In our first episode of 2018 - episode four of The Business of Enterprise IT podcast series - Scott and Josh took the opportunity to announce the new structure of the relationship between InfoSystems and APSU.

After a 2 ½ year relationship in which Clay Hales, President and CEO, InfoSystems, was a minority owner and board member of APSU, Inc., it has now been announced that Clay Hales and Steve Morris have become equal partners of APSU, Inc.

Clay and Steve met several years ago as members of the IBM Global Business Partner Advisory Council. Steve Morris was head of one of the most successful IBM Business Partner firms in the U.K., APSU Technologies, which had a 20+ year history as the U.K.'s leading Managed Service and Cloud platform for IBM Power Systems. Their successful business model had been built on the backbone of proprietary software to automate the monitoring and management of IBM Power servers, as well as the business processes and platform expertise that allowed the company to scale and support some of the U.K.'s largest banks, retailers, manufacturers, and enterprise businesses from every sector.

Clay and Steve began working together to bring the exciting technology and business model to the U.S., which ultimately led to the sale of APSU Technologies to another U.K. IBM Partner, CSI, and the launch of a new U.S. company, APSU, Inc., based in in Chattanooga, TN.

After 2 ½ years of building the necessary data center infrastructure, constructing a Network Operation Center (NOC), assembling a team of IBM Power experts, and working out the supporting arrangements with InfoSystems, it became obvious that Clay's commitment to the success of the new venture went well beyond the original business ownership structure. The new equal partnership between APSU and InfoSystems includes shared roles for many InfoSystems executives to help build the APSU business under proven leaders. Clay Hales and Steve Morris both have the title of President, and Clay also serves as Board Chairman. Scott Davis assumes the role of CEO. Gerard (Gerry) Burke, who has been a part of the U.K. APSU business since 2001, assumes the role of COO.

Due to the length of the conversation in this podcast, it has been split into two episodes, each lasting about 30 minutes. Listen to the first part to learn more about the business partnership and the importance of IBM Power solutions to IBM and to a majority of Fortune 500 companies which use them.