Ep 18 - What Are Managed IT Services?

Ep 18 - What Are Managed IT Services?

Josh Davis, Marketing Director, InfoSystems

Aaron Swann, Virtual CIO, InfoSystems

In this episode, InfoSystems vCIO, Aaron Swann, and Marketing Director, Josh Davis, discuss how a "Managed Services" agreement may mean you are unknowingly outsourcing your IT systems management to another country. We compare the way InfoSystems delivers locally managed IT services, to other models that include reselling software and outsourcing IT support to overseas call centers.

The information technology industry has seen a major shift in the way IT companies deliver services to their customers over the last 5-10 years. 10 years ago, you would have never heard an IT company referred to as a "managed services provider." Today, that is the most common way IT companies describe their services. So that leads us to the question - "what has changed?"

One obvious change in the IT industry is that Cloud services have become a dominant business model. "Cloud" (like "Managed Services") is essentially a catch-all marketing term that simply refers to outsourced services. Cloud is really compute and storage workloads that run on a third-party provider's equipment rather than on equipment at a company's place of business. "Managed Services" are really processes that are managed by a third-party provider rather than by employees at a company.

But that still doesn't exactly answer the question - "What are Managed Services?" Business leaders need to know which processes can be outsourced and why outsourcing could be a favorable (or risky/detrimental) decision. Cloud will often be a component of managed services conversations/decisions as well, since many times outsourced processes are easier to deliver on outsourced, off-site equipment.

For the next few episodes, Aaron Swann will share information about how managed services are delivered for the various individual components of your overall IT system and how you can make sure you are making sound decisions on what to outsource.