Ep 15 - Chattanooga Startup Week with Heed PR

Ep 15 - Chattanooga Startup Week with Heed PR

Josh Davis, Director of Marketing, InfoSystems

David Martin, Co-founder, Heed PR

Natalie Martin, Co-founder, Heed PR

This episode of the podcast Business & Technology in Tennessee features a recap of Chattanooga Startup Week 2018 with David Martin and Natalie Martin of Heed PR. David and Natalie have both been involved in Chattanooga Startup Week while working for other local startup companies over the past few years. This year they were able to participate as representatives from their own newly-founded startup, Heed PR. In addition to being involved on behalf of their own company, they were also helping their PR clients navigate the annual event and gain value out of the publicity and community engagement it creates.

Listen to the full episode to hear about highlights from Chattanooga Startup Week 2018, awards, startup news, and more.