Ep 14 - Is Your Environment Right for Your IT Needs?

Ep 14 - Is Your Environment Right for Your IT Needs?

Aaron Swann, Virtual CIO, InfoSystems

Josh Davis, Director of Marketing, InfoSystems

Technology has become so important to business operations that most companies can't run if their IT systems are down. Despite that fact, when it comes to construction, renovation, and general environmental decisions at a place of business, technology is typically an afterthought. In this episode of IT Coach for Business Leaders, we discuss the environmental factors that are important to ensuring that your technology runs optimally.

Common aspects of your physical office environment that can present issues for IT systems include power (circuit size, battery backups, generators, etc.), cooling, cabling, surge protection, security (locks, network outlets, etc.), cleanliness and neatness, and end user device form factors. During this episode, we talk through many of the considerations that should be weighed to make the best decisions on all of these areas.

One interesting point - with the growth of the Cloud as a trusted option for IT services, companies can now essentially outsource many of the elements that are required to run optimal IT systems to a Cloud Services Provider.  In addition to managing the actual IT infrastructure components for their customers, the Cloud provider would also be managing the physical environment required to deliver them.

If you would like to assess the quality of your IT environment or get help fixing any issues related to your IT systems or the environment that supports them, send us a message.