Ep 13 - Avoiding Issues with New Software Implementation Projects

Ep 13 - Avoiding Issues with New Software Implementation Projects

Aaron Swann, Virtual CIO, InfoSystems

Josh Davis, Director of Marketing, InfoSystems

One of the most common pieces of customer feedback I hear from InfoSystems customers is how much they value the time they spend with our vCIO, Aaron Swann (a major reason I love having him on our podcasts). In this episode of IT Coach for Business Leaders, a podcast series from InfoSystems, we talk through a very common scenario that often causes very major issues - the impact of IT infrastructure on software implementation projects.

There are a lot of reasons why companies who are purchasing new software (or pulling the trigger on a major version upgrade of existing software) are not fully prepared for the IT infrastructure requirements and cost for a successful implementation. One major reason is that software sellers don't want to risk losing a deal by bringing up the true cost of the overall project - they want the buyer focused only on the direct software cost.

True cost of an on-premises software implementation or upgrade can include new server equipment, increased storage, operating system upgrades, and even new PCs and devices for employees. Cloud-based software is not excluded from these types of indirect costs, either, and may require new switches, firewalls, and other network components, plus a faster internet connection.

IT infrastructure absolutely cannot be an afterthought to be addressed at the last minute only after a company has decided to purchase and implement a specific software package.

Listen to the full episode to hear specifics on how to avoid issues with your new software implementation.

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