Ep 11 - IT Survey Findings Show Tennessee Companies Lag Behind Other Regions

Aaron Swann, vCIO, InfoSystems

Josh Davis, Director of Marketing, InfoSystems

InfoSystems recently completed a survey in which 55 companies in the state of Tennessee answered 13 questions related to their business, their IT department, and their perspective on technology. Episode 11 of the podcast "IT Coach for Business Leaders" features a discussion around some of the survey results.

Nearly all of the companies who completed the survey were mid-sized businesses, with the exception of a couple of large enterprise companies, nearly all described themselves as a market leader or growing rapidly, and nearly all had at least one IT executive. Given this pool of survey responses from successful, mature companies, let's just say that some of the responses were quite surprising.

In this podcast discussion, Aaron Swann pulls from his experiences providing IT support and consulting for more than two decades to add perspective to some of the survey findings. One particular conclusion that we were able to draw from the survey (and that Aaron has personally seen in 25+ years of IT service around the greater Tennessee region) is that companies here tend to lag behind other regions of the U.S. in business technology.

We begin the podcast by reviewing some of the pros and cons of being on the leading edge of technology vs. being a late adopter or laggard. Then we move into some very interesting points of discussion related to the mindset business and IT leaders in our area have toward new Cloud-based technologies. We found that the top factors business leaders selected as the most important when choosing Cloud technology said a lot about their mindset. In this podcast episode, Aaron reinforces his core belief that understanding how technology will solve business issues should be the first and most important factor. Other factors like security, cost, ROI, etc. should come next. In the real world this is not usually the way decisions are made - budgets are typically worked out with the hope of putting out burning fires and keeping things running the way they are. Company leaders and IT rarely collaborate on tackling business issues and moving the company forward with technology.

One big positive point of discussion in this episode revolves around the fact that most business leaders seem aware of the benefits of new technology but have just held off from making the decision to execute major initiatives. Listen to the complete episode to hear Aaron's actionable recommendations on how to get moving toward modernizing your business technology.

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