Ep 10 - IT Survey Findings Show Lack of Engagement Between IT and Executive Leadership

Aaron Swann, vCIO, InfoSystems

Josh Davis, Director of Marketing, InfoSystems

InfoSystems recently completed a survey in which 55 companies in the state of Tennessee answered 13 questions related to their business, their IT department, and their perspective on technology. Episode 10 of the podcast "IT Coach for Business Leaders" features a discussion around some of the survey results.

Nearly all of the companies who completed the survey were mid-sized businesses, with the exception of a couple of large enterprise companies, nearly all described themselves as a market leader or growing rapidly, and nearly all had at least one IT executive. Given this pool of survey responses from successful, mature companies, let's just say that some of the responses were quite surprising.

In this podcast discussion, Aaron Swann pulls from his experiences providing IT support and consulting for more than two decades to add perspective to some of the survey findings. One major topic that continues to surface in our podcast is the lack of engagement between executive leadership and the IT department. It's no surprise that we would bring this point back up for discussion when 83% of companies surveyed answered "I don't know" when asked to characterize the relationship between business management and IT. Another interesting topic for discussion was the fact that 84% of companies answered "I don't know" when asked to characterize the current state of the company's IT environment.

We conclude the podcast discussion by drawing conclusions from other survey responses that seem to all point to the gap that exists between executive leadership and IT. Aaron adds some great perspective on how companies can take tangible steps to bring business management and IT together.