Ep 10 - The Forces Behind IT Transformation with Dell EMC's Neal Shade

Josh Davis, Director of Marketing, InfoSystems

Neal Shade, Senior Systems Engineer, Dell Technologies, Global Compute and Networking Group

In this podcast episode, Neal Shade of Dell Technologies joins me to discuss the Dell "IT transformation" story. Dell developed this story to highlight their commitment to helping customers become more profitable and grow.

Dell classifies four overarching areas of business transformation that have emerged in response to ongoing business trends including the rise of remote employees and the exponential growth in data. The four transformational areas are 1) digital transformation, 2) workforce transformation, 3) IT transformation, and 4) security. While keeping up with current trends, Dell is also actively looking into the future to work on trends that are predicted to materialize down the road.

Modernizing infrastructure is usually the first step in addressing all of the areas of business transformation. Modernizing infrastructure presents inherent leaps forward in all of these areas. This is discussed in more detail throughout the podcast episode.

We also spend time during the episode covering how Dell and InfoSystems work together as partners to ensure customers receive the most value and the right resources for the project at hand. Many companies make the decision to use very small IT services providers or even independent IT contractors, and by doing so, miss out on the value that a company like InfoSystems can bring to the table through our close relationships with large technology partners like Dell.

Listen to the entire episode to learn how Dell and InfoSystems work together to help companies transform and grow.