Ep 10 - Business Transformation and Open Source Technology with Nate Vaughn, Red Hat

Ep 10 - Business Transformation and Open Source Technology with Nate Vaughn, Red Hat

Nate Vaughn - Business Transformation Specialist, Red Hat

Josh Davis - Director of Marketing, InfoSystems

Business transformation (or digital transformation) may be a major industry buzz word at the moment, but it's nothing new. Businesses have been transforming and adapting in response to changes in the market and advancements in technology for as long as businesses have been in existence. The only difference in the business transformation of today is the 'digital' part. Technology is enabling businesses to operate in ways that were never before possible and the move to digital business in the information age is in full swing.

In this podcast episode, Nate Vaughn of Red Hat joins InfoSystems Marketing Director, Josh Davis, to discuss the ways in which open source technologies are making the push to digital accessible to all types of organizations. Red Hat manages a distribution of the open source operating system, Linux, which is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. Companies like Red Hat, who are able to build a business model around open source technology, are crucial to the ongoing development and maintenance of these platforms.

This conversation is both current and forward-looking as we talk about advancements in virtualization and container technologies that are solving major issues such as vendor lock-in in Cloud deployments. We cover a lot of ground around the topic of disaster recovery and how technology providers are working to help architect solutions that make it possible to quickly respond to major issues. This is a great episode to help business leaders hear from two companies who are working together to build and deploy advanced IT systems to power and transform today's businesses.

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