ETS S2, E10 - How Red Hat and Openshift Are Bringing the Cloud to You

ETS S2, E10 - How Red Hat and Openshift Are Bringing the Cloud to You

Keith Hales - COO, InfoSystems

Chris Gilbert - Channel Manager, IBM

In this episode, Keith and Chris discuss how Red Hat and OpenShift are finally bringing the promise of the cloud to you, the customers. Over the years, there has been confusion about cloud. What does it do? What does it offer? What is it? And as the times change, so do the answers to these questions. Tune in to learn more.

It started with organizations asking, "Where do we put our data? And how do we make it more available?" While there are answers and solutions to these questions, they aren't always readily available for organizations. And that has created a lot of confusion. Especially for one solution: the Cloud. The past few years have seen a rush to the cloud. After all, it's a game changer for millions of organizations and individuals around the world. But many organizations are walking blind, not knowing if the cloud is truly the best option for their data needs. While it can change the way your organization does things for the better, it may not be the right option. 

Listen to the full episode to learn more about cloud and what it can do for you.

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