Business and Technology in Tennessee - Ep 1 Eye on Security with Sword & Shield

As the US comes to grips with the most recent major data breach, this one taking place at Equifax, all eyes are on cybersecurity and what businesses need to do in order to keep personal data and information safe from hackers. Small and mid-sized businesses, SMBs, may believe that they are protected from these types of things because they are small.

Hackers only go after big businesses, right?

Actually, no. SMBs should be just as concerned about security as their large enterprise counterparts - hackers have begun to target SMBs more and more, due to the fact that they may not have the same type of stringent security processes or protocols as a larger company [link to SMB blog]. However, as we've seen with Equifax, Yahoo, HBO, Home Depot, and others, companies need to be even more vigilant against malicious threats, both inside and out.

How do businesses keep bullseyes off their backs? Simple - avoid making themselves targets for attackers. Business leaders and IT professionals might be surprised to learn that simple employee training and keeping up your firewall configurations can be key for those small or mid-sized businesses worried about security, but on a budget. As we wrote in an earlier blog, employees are typically the reason for data breaches, in many cases by accident, but sometimes with malicious intent.

Accidental breaches happen because employees are not aware or do not understand a company's security policy. With sufficient training, they can understand why they should not click on suspicious links or download suspicious programs.

If you would like to learn more about the security landscape, Knoxville cyber security company Sword & Shield, along with InfoSystems and other sponsors, are presenting the 2017 EDGE Security Conference. Attendees will be treated to presentations from security and industry leaders to showcase real-world challenges and solutions that should push business owners and IT personnel to return to their offices with the guidelines to implement the things they learned.

Some of the speakers for this year's conference include two of the top white hat hackers in the country, the former director for the United States Cyber Command division, and a representative for HBO.

InfoSystems Marketing Director, Josh Davis, recently sat down with Mike Mangione, vice president of business strategy and marketing at Sword & Shield, to discuss security challenges and hurdles businesses might be facing in this video podcast presented by InfoSystems.

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