CSW S1, E8 - What Is Patching and Why Is It Important?

CSW S1, E8 - What Is Patching and Why Is It Important?

Chad Waddell - Sr. Security Architect, InfoSystems

Fred Cobb - CISO and VP of Services, InfoSystems

In this episode, Chad and Fred discuss patching, the act of updating your system and applications to fix vulnerabilities. Hardware and software manufacturers are consistently scanning their systems and applications for vulnerabilities. When vulnerabilities are found, patches - or rather, updates - are released by these manufacturers to fix those vulnerabilities. Patching not only rids systems of vulnerabilities; patching blocks the ability for cyber criminals to exploit them.

Through this discussion, you'll discover the steps every organization should take to ensure their users are protected. From simple steps like consistently checking for and installing software updates, to patching known hardware vulnerabilities throughout your network. Patching is a constant race against time. Even the simplest of updates that has not been applied can be used by cyber-criminals to attack your company.

Listen to the full episode to gain a better understanding of patching and how it can keep your company closed off from those who wish to exploit it.

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