CSW S1, E7 - What Are Cyber-Attack Simulations?

CSW S1, E7 - What Are Cyber-Attack Simulations?

Fred Cobb - CISO and VP of Services, InfoSystems

Josh Davis - VP of Marketing, InfoSystems

In this episode, Fred and Josh discuss simulated cyber-attacks, which is when companies act out real world situations and test their ability to respond. There are 16 scenarios with countless variables that a cybersecurity services company can use to help businesses test their plans and discover where they may fall short. Cyber-attacks are happening every day and becoming more sophisticated. Experts agree that these types of simulations are one of the best ways to prepare for them.

Through this discussion, you'll learn how attack simulations can mean the difference between your company experiencing multiple weeks of complete shutdown versus a single day of lost productivity, or the difference between your company losing years of customer records versus zero lost customer records.

It's understandable that companies avoid having their work scrutinized by a professional cybersecurity team, but it's important to understand that Attack Simulation Scenarios were not created to embarrass your team or the leaders within your company. Instead, they focus on showing your company where you can excel in securing your data and protecting your business.

Listen to the full episode to gain a better understanding of attack simulations and how they can change the way your business responds to high-pressure scenarios.

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