CSW S1, E20 - What Is a Cyber Defender and How Can I Become One?

Fred Cobb – CISO and EVP of Services, InfoSystems

Rob Ashcraft – Sr. Cyber Security Strategist

In this episode, Fred and Rob discuss part two of becoming a Cybersecurity professional. Previously, Fred and Rob discussed being on the "offense" in the Cybersecurity industry. Now they'll discuss being on the "defense" and what that side of Cybersecurity looks like. Cybersecurity experts are the most sought after professionals in the technology industry. Because the Cybersecurity field is ever changing, there is a great need for these experts and their unique skill set. The industry is booming and new opportunities are arising every day.

What is a Cyber Defender?
People in a "defender" type role are primarily focused on defensive measures. This role is usually seen as more reactive than those in an "offensive" role, but thanks to advances in technology, reaction time is now immediate. A Cyber Defender is always looking proactively ahead to the possibilities of an attack. What do Cyber Defenders do?
Their main tasks include but are not limited to:
- Preventing attacks,
- Detecting attacks,
- Responding to attacks,
- Collecting information within a network to identify unwanted activity,
- Analyzing the above information, and
- Reporting events that have or might occur within a network. General Roles Available as a Cyber Defender
- Security Analyst
- Cyber Defense Analyst
- Incident Responder
- Cybersecurity Technical Support Specialist

Although these are a great starting point when getting involved in a Cyber Defender career, they are not entry level positions. You will generally need to have technical knowledge before you can find yourself in these roles.

Listen to the full episode to gain a deeper understanding of Cybersecurity and roles available in the Cyber Defender side of the industry.

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