CSW S1, E18 - I'm Interested in a Cybersecurity Career. What Do I Need to Know?

Fred Cobb – CISO and EVP of Services, InfoSystems

Rob Ashcraft – Sr. Cyber Security Strategist

In this episode, Fred and Rob discuss professional roles in the Cybersecurity industry and why you should consider it. Not only are Cybersecurity experts the most sought after professionals in the technology industry, but because the Cybersecurity field is ever changing, there is a great need for these experts and their unique skill set. The industry is booming with no end in sight. And new opportunities are arising every day.

Why Cybersecurity?
- Zero percent unemployment rate (since 2016)
- You solve new puzzles, mysteries, and learn new things often
- You play the role of an actor (ethically "hacking" business systems, networks, and accounts to test vulnerabilities)
- The Cybersecurity field is growing quickly, with unlimited career path potential and a great need for experts What Do Cybersecurity Experts Do?
- Penetration Testing (AKA "Pentesting"): Penetrate systems and determine what information you can get
- Social Engineering: The "James Bond role"; think your way into a system, network, etc. and disguise yourself to see what information you can get
- Test Defenses and Systems of Businesses: Perform offensive security
- Bring Proof to Businesses: Show businesses where they are lacking in security General Roles Available in Cybersecurity
- Engineering
- Assessing
- Auditing
- Pre-Sales
- Account Management
- The list goes on…

Listen to the full episode to gain a more wholesome understanding of Cybersecurity, roles available in the industry, and the characteristics of those that excel in this field.

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