CSW S1, E12 - How to Create a Culture That Embraces Cybersecurity

CSW S1, E12 - How to Create a Culture That Embraces Cybersecurity

Chad Waddell – Sr. Security Architect, InfoSystems

Fred Cobb – CISO and VP of Services, InfoSystems

In this episode, Fred and Chad discuss how an organization can create a Culture of Security, a holistic mindset of being more secure. A culture of security isn't just another initiative an organization should consider. With the growing rate and cost of cyber-attacks, it's pertinent for organizations and employees to understand what it takes to be secure and prepared.

A Culture of Security begins with making decisions that will protect your privacy whether you're an executive or an entry level employee. This can be done by teaching employees not to make simple mistakes like reusing the same passwords. Other steps such as: (1) setting basic policies and procedures and (2) balancing usability with security, can help you create a healthy culture. This not only allows you to prepare for future cyber-attacks, but allows you to have open and transparent conversations with others inside the organization.

Listen to the full episode to learn how your business can create a culture of security and why it's so important.

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