CSW S1, E1 - Introducing Cybersecurity Weekly, a New Podcast from InfoSystems

CSW S1, E1 - Introducing Cybersecurity Weekly, a New Podcast from InfoSystems

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Let's set the stage by addressing where we (in the state of Tennessee and surrounding regions) stand today when it comes to the topic of Cybersecurity.

Point 1 - There are more (and better) cyber-attacks happening EVERY DAY

Point 2 - Companies in our region are losing A LOT of money due to cybersecurity breaches

Point 3 - Cybersecurity breaches are kept secret (companies don't want this news to go public)

Point 4 - Local media can't cover stories that are kept secret (they need names and faces)

Point 5 - The lack of public knowledge gives companies in our region a false sense of security

We heard the statistic recently that businesses in Nashville alone are losing $2 million per week (PER WEEK!!!) due to cybersecurity breaches. At InfoSystems, we work with companies who have been hacked on a regular basis…but we can't talk about it to the public. We're compelled to protect this private information because if it became public knowledge it could seriously damage the reputation of the companies that were breached - even to the point of putting them out of business.

While we will continue to do our best to help clean up the mess when companies suffer a cybersecurity breach, we are now placing our main focus on helping companies protect themselves from cyber-attacks in the first place. We refuse to just stand by while our community is under attack.

Introducing Our Newest Podcast - Cybersecurity Weekly

In 2019, we launched InfoSystems Protect, a cybersecurity service designed to transform companies from vulnerable to secure and confident. This new cybersecurity division is led by Fred Cobb, our Chief Information Security Officer and Vice President of Services. Fred is one of the most respected cybersecurity leaders in our region, which is why we're extremely excited that he will be leading our new InfoSystems podcast series - Cybersecurity Weekly.

With this podcast, you can expect a new weekly episode (about 15 minutes listening time) published each Monday with crucial news and information that will help you better understand how serious cybersecurity threats are and how to protect your companies.

More Information about Our Cybersecurity Services

InfoSystems Protect is a SOC 2 Certified Services Provider - the gold standard in cybersecurity certification. As of right now, we may be the only Chattanooga-based IT company with full SOC 2 Type 2 certification. It's a major achievement.

Our ultimate goal is to be a great technology partner for our customers (just like we always have been) and make cybersecurity easy. We're ready to go to work for you. Get started with cybersecurity today.