InfoSystems Offers Hybrid Maintenance Solutions for Diverse IT Platforms

InfoSystems Offers Hybrid Maintenance Solutions for Diverse IT Platforms

InfoSystems, a Chattanooga-based IT solutions provider, announces its offerings of hybrid solutions for third-party maintenance to new and existing clients.

As equipment ages and yet remains functional and secure for companies, staying up-to-date with the newest technology can be a challenge. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) maintenance can be limited and costly. Many large manufacturers eventually age out client support for those systems. Enter third-party maintenance, an excellent option to minimize costs between large system upgrades and to meet increasing capacity demands.

InfoSystems employs a hybrid maintenance approach for systems, guiding clients on the most strategic decisions for ongoing maintenance needs. That includes using OEM maintenance as needed, as well as third-party maintenance, to best utilize existing IT assets.

“As a hybrid maintenance provider, InfoSystems is equipped to provide cost-effective maintenance solutions for almost every system available, regardless of its age,” says Chris Gilbert, Vice President of Commercial Sales at InfoSystems. “We’re focused on your businesses’ bottom line and network efficiency, and our solutions accommodate the needs — and budgets — of all business owners and CTOs, from small- to large-scale companies.”

As Ken Peck, CEO of Smart 3rd Party says, the environment for third-party maintenance is strong. “IT infrastructure costs are under extreme pressure and typically need to be reduced,” Peck explains. “Many IT assets have useful lives that extend well beyond what the manufacturers will support or allow.”

InfoSystems partners with Smart 3rd Party, an Atlanta-based company, to provide these efficient, effective solutions for ongoing IT maintenance needs. By offering these valuable services to clients, InfoSystems technicians help business leaders stay up-to-date and relevant while reducing network equipment maintenance costs.

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